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ASL Sports hosted two ASL Baseball Clinics in June at the Horace Mann School in Allston, Massachusetts.  The clinics took place on June 18 and 19 and strove to stress ASL Sports’s “Baseball Fundamentals.”

In a monthly newsletter to parents, the Horace Mann School offered a brief glimpse into the inner-workings of the Clinics:

After a week of forcing rain and cloudy skies upon us all, Mother Nature looked favorably down onto the ASL Baseball Clinics at the Horace-Mann School.  As gloomy weather gave way to the sun, ASL Sports volunteers arrived each morning ready to take advantage of the seemingly perfect baseball climate.  Unloading bats, balls, gloves, bases, rakes, refreshments, and T-shirts, they set forth ready to groom the field and set up drills each day before the children arrived.

Marching out one by one just after 11:00 AM on Tuesday, the students’ faces illuminated with joy upon seeing the barrels of gloves and balls.  Begging to get onto the field immediately at the expense of their lunches, many of the children boasted excited attitudes and smiling faces.  As soon as the pizza was eaten, both the students and ASL Sports volunteers joined one another on the baseball diamond ready to partake in an afternoon filled with fun events and new experiences. 

While there was certainly no shortage of excitement on the day of the first Clinic, some students met the first series of hitting, throwing, and base-running drills with a slight sense of hesitation.  However, after a few minutes had passed, almost every child gained a sense of confidence and seemed truly engaged in their respective activities.  In particular, each child displayed his or her prowess and enthusiasm at the hitting station.  Standing by the plates in awe, many ASL Sports volunteers looked on as children blasted balls deep into the outfield and sometimes over the fence.  Students still reacted with thrill and pleasure even if the ball was not clubbed out of the park.

Having gained a sense of confidence and familiarity from the first Clinic, the children rushed out onto the field on Wednesday eager to get back into action.  Rocketing balls to one another while playing catch, zipping down the base-paths, and continuing to blast hits deep into the outfield, they brought a contagious fervor to the Clinic.  Feeding off of their energy, each of the volunteers also had a blast.

By the end of the day on Wednesday, something special happened.  As both the children and volunteers lined up to participate in a water balloon toss, the two groups seemed to merge into one ASL Sports Team.  Without hesitation, the children and volunteers embraced one another for a final time following the tosses.


If you would like to volunteer for next year’s ASL Baseball clinics at the Horace Mann School, please visit our Volunteer page and fill out an inquiry form.  You may also volunteer by contacting

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    "I would like to take this moment to thank ASL Sports. Such a great organization deserves credit. [It] has allowed [our child] to experience a sense of teamwork, competition, and a feeling of athletic achievement. He would not have been able to do this anywhere else."
    --Father of an ASL Baseball Clinic participant

    We strive to make every child's dream a reality. Comprised of a staff of many capable volunteers, sign interpreters, and passionate parents, we will not rest until every child with a cognitive or physical disability has the opportunity to engage in athletic activities in a safe and secure environment. At our frequent clinics, we stress essential life skills such as teamwork, acceptance, and, most importantly, fun. Join us at one of our events and experience it for yourself!

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