ASL Sports and the Miracle League


ASL Sports is assisting the Beverly School for the Deaf in establishing a Miracle League team on the North Shore.  A league, “dedicated to helping children with physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral disabilities develop and achieve their full potential, mentally, socially and physically,” the Miracle League offers an inclusive umbrella under which children seeking an introduction to organized baseball can strive.

Currently, ASL Sports and the Beverly School for the Deaf plan on continuing to host Miracle League games  during the summer and fall of 2016.  If either you or your children would be interested in participating in the games, please include your name, phone number, and age in an email to

If you would like to volunteer to assist BSD and ASL Sports in facilitating the games, please visit our Volunteer page and fill out an inquiry form.  You may also volunteer by contacting

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    "I would like to take this moment to thank ASL Sports. Such a great organization deserves credit. [It] has allowed [our child] to experience a sense of teamwork, competition, and a feeling of athletic achievement. He would not have been able to do this anywhere else."
    --Father of an ASL Baseball Clinic participant

    We strive to make every child's dream a reality. Comprised of a staff of many capable volunteers, sign interpreters, and passionate parents, we will not rest until every child with a cognitive or physical disability has the opportunity to engage in athletic activities in a safe and secure environment. At our frequent clinics, we stress essential life skills such as teamwork, acceptance, and, most importantly, fun. Join us at one of our events and experience it for yourself!

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